Over the years I have collected all kinds of items pertaining to my genealogy from different resources.  I either received them from family members, emails, letters or websites.  I was first bitten by the genealogy bug back in 1993 when I attended a HIGHLEY FAMILY REUNION.  My uncle Vern Highley had given me some information on my Highley family and he said to all of us who attended, "Let's see how much further you can get?"  So, I took him up on it.  Now, it's 29 years later and boy did I get a lot further.  I started off with about 50 family members and now I have close to 32,600 people in my Family Tree program!  I was able to share with my Uncle Vern many things I had found over the years, since he first had asked that infamous question.


Famous Relations

Through my research I have found that I am related to the following people: 19th U.S. President, Rutherford B. Hayes, 40th U.S. President, Ronald Regan, 41st U.S. President, George Herbert Walker Bush, Founder of Providence Rhode Island, Roger Williams, Inventors of the first successful airplane, The Wright Bros., King of Rock N' Roll, Elvis Presley, Viscountess of Britain, Nancy Witcher Astor, Actress Joan Crawford, Actor Marlon Brando, Actor John Wayne, American novelist, Louisa May Alcott, American cook and author, Julia Child, English crime writer, Agatha Christie, One of Missouri's first senators, David Barton, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, William Williams, First person to fly 100,000 into space, Captain Iven C. Kincheloe, American bank robber, Pretty Boy Floyd, Sarah Barton and her husband, Rev. William Murphy, and many, many more.

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Where are they from:

Most of my family members from my father's side came from St. Francois County, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky.  My mother's family came from Germany.


I've received information that has helped me with my journey via e-mails, letters, family bibles, family members and websites.  If you would like to contribute an obit, photo, article, or anything pertaining to my genealogy please email me at: